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27 03, 2011

SPRING IS HERE – its time for some short sleeves!

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NEW! Geeky Tees NEW! Geeky Tees NEW! Spring Tees That's right folks, the first day of spring is a week past and the temperatures are warming up all over....its time for breaking out the short sleeves and we have a ton of cool new designs to help you start your spring wardrobe off right! Check

13 03, 2011

STRIKE! Show support for the Wisconsin workers

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Workers in many states are showing their support for the Wisconsin public workers who were stripped of their bargaining rights. Many other local and national unions are joining in the protest. Despite the best efforts of the Democratic members who all fled the state to keep the vote from going thru, the Governor and senate

11 03, 2011

The sun will rise again tomorrow…with a little help.

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03.11.11 Help Japan Earthquake / Tsunami / 03.11.11 The sun will rise again tomorrow As news of the horror and devastation of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami make its way around the world, many countries are already pledging their support to Japan. Cafepress has already established a portal with 10% of sales going to the

10 03, 2011

How do you like to surf?

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