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23 06, 2011

Awesome show…The Blanks aka Ted’s Band

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The Blanks aka Ted's Band aka The Worthless Peons, which appeared on all seasons of Scrubs, played a gig last night at Sub89 in Reading England, and Tshirts by E2 was there for the fun! The show featured The Blanks quirky musical comedy stylings with songs ranging from Superman (the Scrubs theme), Flashdance,

21 06, 2011

Scrubs…Scrubs…and yea…more Scrubs!

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We have gone Scrubs crazy...with 11 awesome new Scrubs t-shirt designs. We have quotes from Dr. Kelso, The Todd, Eliot, J.D., Jordan, and of course Dr. Cox! So come check out new tees and don't forget some of our best sellers like Vanilla/Chocolate Bear, Dr. Acula, Knife-Wrench, Who Gives a Crap, and many many others!

13 06, 2011

Boing Fwip! Our new Scrubs Ted tee

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And this one is a fun one...the "Boing Fwip"... its a great, short come back based on the old "I rubber and your glue". There has been some debate as to whether its "Boing Fwip" or "Boing Flip", but we have based our tee on the fact that The Blanks (aka The Worthless Peons) album

6 06, 2011

Peons hit the road…

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Ted's band "The Worthless Peons" which appeared in all 8 seasons of Scrubs, is hitting the road and playing gigs all over. The bands real name is "The Blanks" and its four members were all on Scrubs. The show features a capella music and sketch comedy...its sure to be a great treat for any Scrubs

3 06, 2011

Better Life…failed

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Check out these hot, new political tees...designed as a error message, they read as follows - 2 versions Europe and America: Better Life Could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: c:europenot4bankerseu4europeans OR c:americanot4bankersusa4americans

3 06, 2011

SALE!! Today only

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Save $3 on orders of $30+ sale ends 6/3 so hurry! Use code AJUN1130 We have been hard at work and have a ton of awesome new designs ready for your summer wardrobe, so come check them out and save a few dollars while you are at it!