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19 07, 2011

Sweet! New Season 1 Inspired Big Bang Theory Tees

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We have been busy, slaving away watching BBT for some inspiration, and we have added a few new designs from Season 1...including "Sarcasm" sign, Wolowitz's "Web chatting with clothes on just seems pointless", and Sheldon's "I am the Sword Master of Azeroth" and don't forget to check out our 40+ other designs in our Official

15 07, 2011

The bigger you are….the harder you fall

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...and in this case the "fallen" is the media mogul Australian Rupert Murdoch and NewsCorp. Accused of phone hacking, bribery, and other criminal behavior including hiring known criminals to obtain private information, NewsCorp has been forced to close its News of the World tabloid and give up its bid to buy Sky Broadcasting. (read more

7 07, 2011

Save Greece…

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It has been all over the news, the riots in the streets as angry Greeks protest against government austerity measures. We have had tee designs on the subject since we open our shop 16 months ago and recently one of our designs was featured here on Posh Fashion blog as a sample of real support Greece