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20 11, 2011

Cool Social Networking QR Code Customizable Tees…By E2

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Are you a social networking guru? Do you tweet in your sleep? Have you only ever met your best friends on Facebook? Do you YouTube more than watch TV? Well show what you to your pages...your profiles...your life...with our cool new QR code customizable tees. We have ones geared to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

16 11, 2011

NOW SERVING: Qr Code Customizable Tees…and more

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We are proud to introduce the first designs in our very cool QR Code customizable Tshirts and Pre-Made QR Humor Tees. Not only are we launching these hot, new tees, BUT we are also launching a QR-mini web site and a FREE custom QR Generator to help you get started with making personalized QR Code tees! Our

7 11, 2011

Like Us…you know you want too!

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6 11, 2011

Holiday Season is upon us…

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And to celebrate we have introduced two new categories under our Christmas Tees section Christmas Vacation Movie Tees (7 available) and A Christmas Story Movie Tees (6 available) so if your a fan of the Griswald's or of Ralphie and "The Old Man" we have tees perfect for you. And don't forget to check out

4 11, 2011

Our HOT sellers…perfect for holiday gift giving!

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Looking for some funny and even a bit naughty gifts to give a loved one or friend this holiday season? Well we have awesome t-shirt, sweatshirt, and even iPad sleeves  just waiting for you. Why not check out some of our "Hotest Sellers" show below or our other 850+ designs!                                              

4 11, 2011

It’s all about Amy….

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Amy Farrah Fowler that is...Sheldon's "significant" other is crushed when Bernadette and Penny go dress shopping without her, leaving him to "comfort" her. "The Isolation Permutation" episode gets us close to Sheldon having an actual physical relationship...and resisting every minute of the point of delcaring he is not a "snuggle bunny". We were inspired