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30 01, 2012

What’s new this week….Big Bang’s Siri love and more…

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We have lots of goodies for you thinks week especially for our Big Bang Theory fans....based on this weeks episode of Raj's relationship with his new iPhone 4s and Siri, Sheldon's new 52 part podcast series "Fun with Flags" and Leonard's Beta-test relationship with Penny...this weeks episode was hilarious and as you can see we

21 01, 2012

What inspired us this week? Big Bang Theory tees, Political humor tees, and Religious humor tees

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Another week and another new episode of The Big Bang's Leonard and Penny 2.0, the awkward dating of our favorite neighbors is back on again and the latest episode has inspired us to create some awesome new Big Bang Theory tees! BIG BANG THEORY TEES In the US, Congress has been mulling over 2

18 01, 2012

Pirates of the Internet: Keep the Internet Free

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As SOPA, PIPA and other Internet bills are discussed by the American governmental bodies, we would like to express our views and clearly side with critics of the proposed bills. We have been using the Internet since its inception and we are grateful to Tim Berners-Lee who created it. It has given us a perfect