E2 Tee on CSI: Cyber

//E2 Tee on CSI: Cyber

E2 Tee on CSI: Cyber

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A new high for Tshirts by E2 this year – in December, we received a surprising email asking us if CBS and the new CSI franchise, Cyber, could use one of our tee designs in their show. A few months later and the request became a reality, on the April 22 show Selfie 2.0, the 8th episode of the series, the geek hero of the show, Daniel Krumitz, wears our tee “Never trust an atom they make up everything”. It is an amazing honor and a reward of our efforts over the past 5 years for our tee to show up on TV and in such a prestigious show. We wish to thank Cafepress for forwarding the request, and of course to CBS and the producers of CSI: Cyber for selecting our tee for the show. (See a video clip from the show)

FullSizeRenderWe hope the actor Charley Koontz enjoyed wearing our tee on the show and invite him to contact us so that we can send him a tee of his own to wear.

You can imagine we hope for more TV “tee” appearances from now on, and hey, why not a movie appearance as well. Hollywood here we come…

You can find “Never trust an atom they make up everything” in all of our stores:


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