E2 on the radio…

//E2 on the radio…

E2 on the radio…

E2 is proud to announce a mutual collaboration with Novus Nota Web Radio.

Novus Nota broadcasts rock music around the world from its base in Greece – your favorite music broadcasted 24/7 around the world online. Make sure to tune in on the Novus Nota website or search Novus Nota on ShoutCast and listen on your mobile devices all while wearing one of our ingenious music t-shirts!

You can find our banner on the station website and listen to your favorite E2 tshirt designers producing great radio shows on Saturday evenings –  Rock Time with DJ Elias @ 6pm gmt and Rocking with the American Girl @ 8pm gmt. You can also join us in the Novus Nota chat room during the show and shout out any song requests you might have.

If you are a fan of Novus Nota or Rock Time check out our swag here(American Girl coming soon)

Novus Nota and E2 Rock

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