We at E2 would like to express our sympathies for all those effected by the senseless violence during the most recent terrorist attack on innocent civilians doing nothing more than having a good time listening and dancing to music. The attack on Pulse Night Club in Orlando Florida, is the worst mass shooting in American history. On top of the attack, many internet trolls have already made very discriminatory comments because Pulse is a LGBT bar. At a time when all citizens should be joined in a single voice against such horrendous acts, these small-minded people are nearly as bad as the terrorist who pulled the trigger killing 50 people and injuring 53.

We should be one…ONE PULSE….no matter your sexual persuasion, race, religion, country of origin…ONE PULSE to show strength against terrorism and hate.

We created some designs to show our support for the families and friends of the victims as well as to show our resilience.


These designs and more can be found in all of our store: