E2 in 2016

//E2 in 2016

E2 in 2016

As the 2016 comes to a close for us, and despite the weird, crazy mixed-up world we have all experienced this year, E2 has managed to be more successful than ever. We wish to thank all our lovely customers for buying and hopefully cherishing our products. We strive to bring you designs we hope you like and promise to keep adding more.

And while the world seems to have gone a little off its axis this year, we have had a few major milestones at E2. We have had our tee reappear on TV and we have received a design award from Graphic Design USA magazine.

First, we want to thank the CSI: Cyber for selecting and using our design in both of the shows seasons, our tee reappeared in early spring on one of its final episodes. We welcome any production company to feel free to contact us for opportunities to use one of our designs or for us to create a custom design.

Second, on a happy but also sombre note, our memorial logo design “One Pulse” for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL has received a 2016 American Graphic Design Award. We are really proud to have our design – especially one which has meaning to so many people – honored by Graphic Design USA, and we thank the judges and publishers for selecting our design. We look forward to seeing it in the pages of the magazine soon.

We also wish that we didn’t have to create designs such as this from a senseless and violent tragedy. The attacked shocked not only the Florida LGBTQ community, but the world as a whole. Our award is dedicated to the victims of the shootings and their families. We are all “One Pulse”.

We certainly hope to receive more awards for our designs in the future but not one for such a terrible event.

On a lighter note we are now entering the holiday season and our tees are waiting for you. Our designs make perfect, be it sometimes cheeky gifts. We have thousands of designs available, one to suit every possible mood. You can be festive or cheeky or sexy or cool or if you are a The Big Bang Theory fan or other TV/Movie fan, love music, are a student or you are in a really bad mood and you don’t like people at all – we have you covered!

So go ahead and express yourself in our designs – we do – wearing them all day and all night (they make great PJs too).

Have wonderful holiday season and we will see you for 2017!

One Pulse, Remembering Orlando
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