E2: Now on Amazon!

//E2: Now on Amazon!

E2: Now on Amazon!

The success of E2 apparel has continued this year with another major development in our enterprise.

After accepting the GD award this year, E2 has now been accepted to sell our t-shirt designs in a global retailing giant website – Amazon.com. Amazon.com is very selective about their sellers and we are grateful for their invitation and acceptance of our product line. Although currently we only have 100 designs available on Amazon.com – a few that are exclusive to Amazon.com – our customers have already found E2’s designs and they are becoming very popular. We promise to upload a lot more designs in the upcoming months, to make sure that every Amazon.com customer’s mood and attitude is covered. Our designs are also available under Amazon.com‘s Prime membership – which means free or lower cost shipping for Prime members!

We are now entering the summer holiday season and our tees are waiting for you, they make a perfect gift to yourself to show off your contour on the beaches or in the mountains, be it sometimes cheeky. We have a 100 tees on Amazon.com and thousands of tees at all our other print on demand websites, one for every mood. You can be summery or cheeky or sexy or cool or if you love Big Bang Theory or other movies and TV series or you love music, or you are a student or you are in a really bad mood and you don’t like some people at all. We have t-shirts for everybody!

We wish to thank all our lovely customers for buying our apparel and hopefully cherishing our products. Feel free to express yourself with our designs, we actually do the same thing, wearing them all day and night.

Have lovely summer holiday.

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