E2 in 2016

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As the 2016 comes to a close for us, and despite the weird, crazy mixed-up world we have all experienced this year, E2 has managed to be more successful than ever. We wish to thank all our lovely customers for buying and hopefully cherishing our products. We strive to bring you designs we hope you


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We at E2 would like to express our sympathies for all those effected by the senseless violence during the most recent terrorist attack on innocent civilians doing nothing more than having a good time listening and dancing to music. The attack on Pulse Night Club in Orlando Florida, is the worst mass shooting in American

Holidays with attitude…

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As we enter December, and the holiday stress builds, make sure you don't take it all to serious..... now is the perfect time to wear one of our attitude t-shirts. Show your attitude to the world, whether they like it or not. You may have an offensive or naughty attitude, or maybe you are sarcastic and bitchy, maybe you just like

Happy holidays…..from E2

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As the holiday period is upon us once again, E2 would like to thank all those lovely people that purchased one of our designs. We hope you enjoyed your t-shirt or any other item that bares an E2 design, as much as we enjoy making them. It has been an exceptional year for the brand E2,

E2 on the radio…

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E2 is proud to announce a mutual collaboration with Novus Nota Web Radio. Novus Nota broadcasts rock music around the world from its base in Greece – your favorite music broadcasted 24/7 around the world online. Make sure to tune in on the Novus Nota website or search Novus Nota on ShoutCast and listen on your mobile devices

Je Suis Paris

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Our thoughts and wishes are with the people of France after these horrific terrorist attacks. To show our support for the citizens of Paris and survivors of the attacks we created our new design - Larmes Pour Paris (Tears for Paris). You can find our designs here: RedBubble CafePress Zazzle Skreened - visit our shop  

Hot new tee designs….

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We have a whole new batch of hot tees for you! Whether you want to blame your actions on a sugar rush, or just complain about Monday's we have some cool stuff to add to your wardrobe. All the new designs are available in all of our store - so you can choose where you

New tees to express your attitude!

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We have some great new tees that are sure to get your attitude across loud and clear….our "search engine" tee is also available in wife and husband versions as well as the "teenager" version shown below. All of these designs are now available in all of our shops - make sure to add them to

Our tee hits the Rhodes…

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Our tee hits the "Rhodes"… beach that is with E2 Co-Chief Elias. One of our best-selling tees hit the "Rhodes" so to speak as it made its way from its TV debut in Hollywood on CSI:Cyber (see E2 Tee on CSI:Cyber) this spring, to a trip to the beautiful beaches in Rhodes Greece this

Sea, sand, sun….

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Get your beach-a-tude on in these cute new tees for your summer vacation! Now available in all of our stores.