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“Thank you for giving me a conversation starter!”

– chokedaroosta (tshirt customer)

“As a non-recovering dice addict, I thank for this shirt!”

– Holly (T-shirt customer)

“Its so true though”

– Gunner (t-shirt customer)

“Just the thing to keep me warm this november/december in Paris”

– John (sweatshirt customer)

“Thanks, this will look great on my guitar case”

– Tom (sticker customer)

“Thanks for the piece!”

– William (t-shirt customer)

“This is awesome! :3 Thanks for selling!”

– Lady (t-shirt customer)

“Never thought of it that way. Really nice!”

– Domoniqu (t-shirt customer)

“TOOO flippin good”

– Alix (t-shirt customer)

“I am sending this to my daughter who is in her last semester in college. (majoring in psychology)…its hilarious!! I love, love, love it!!!”

– Locacyn (t-shirt customer)