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We offer cool and creative ways to use QR Codes on t-shirts for business, personal and just plain fun. We offer both pre-made tees and customizable templates for your very own QR Code - but not only do we offer you cool t-shirts, we also have a sophisticated code generator for you to use for FREE! Make as many as you like and download to your computer for use on our products.

E2 also offers custom designed "Designer Codes" for an additional charge (
and free with bulk t-shirt orders of 30 tees or more).

Do you have an event that you would like to use a cool designer code for? Well check out our designer code page which has more information and samples or contact us with your ideas and we will be happy to help.

Have a large corporate function or private event coming up and need a custom design that really makes people take notice?? Just contact us with what you are looking for and we can create a custom design for your next bulk order.

Ideas on how to use QR codes:

You can use QR codes in public to transmit information onto someone’s mobile device, without having to display the information in public. For example, you are single and looking but you don’t want everyone to know, just the person curious enough to scan your t-shirt. Do you live on Facebook and/or Twitter? Then use your QR code t-shirt, to let people get to your profile or Twitter feed instantly! Are you a bit kinky but you don’t want to advertise it openly? Use a QR code to express your more naughty side to those who scan you.

Personal information such as websites, names, addresses or telephone numbers, can be given out by just scanning your code - instead of typing into a mobile device, its as easy as scan and save.

During parties, keep everyone curious by displaying a QR code on your t-shirt and having everyone scan you, to find out what your tee really has to say.

Corporate functions and conferences. Instead of handing out business cards, why don’t you have everyone scan your t-shirt with a business vcard code.

Corporate parties, where you don’t know everyone’s name. You can have your name in a QR code on your garment instead of name tags. Hidden but easily visible and transmittable.

The possibilities are endless. And with newer code readers, codes don't just have to be boring black and white...get creative! When you have a good idea, just use our QR code generator for FREE and upload your QR code to any of the customizable t-shirt templates we have in our shop. Send us a photo of the way you used a QR code on your t-shirt, so we can add you on our customer photo gallery.

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