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Most people know QR codes as black and white, boring squares that appear in the newspaper or on coupon flyers. They look pretty basic and are not very inviting on most designs – but QR codes can hold a rich wonderland of cool links, important information and even bring real world to the digital world all in a snap of a photo from a mobile device! The possibilities with QR codes are endless...You can market your company, advertise an event, a website, a product...museums are using them to allow visitors a behind the scenes look at the making of an exhibit, or piece, individuals are using them to share contact information...and creative people like us are using them to make wickedly fun t-shirts!

So what is a "designer" QR code...
QR codes can be "hacked" for lack of a better term to include other elements such as an organizations logo, words, images or multiple colors...in other words the days of the black and white box are over. Our QR generator for example allows you to colorize your code but we can take it one step further, by offering you custom "designer" codes. Custom QR codes have a higher scan rate that regular black and white ones, and of course can be designed to fit into your branding strategy. So don't just stick that black and white code on your tee or your next advertisement, let us turn your QR code from boring to eye catching! We offer low-cost QR code customization and we also offer free customization for bulk orders of 30+ tees or more for corporate or private events.

Just contact us with your ideas, and we can help. For ideas of what we have done, check out our samples here and take a look at our QR Tees which feature fun "designer codes".

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